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Business Introduction

The story of our investment group began more than 25 years ago with a strategic investment in the Slovak sugar industry. But over time, we gradually diversified our holdings into industries including dairy, real estate, vineyards, healthcare, hospitality, compound feed and construction. The variety of the industries in which we operate provides our group with the stability it needs by allowing the companies to share managerial skills and free capital in a way that enables them to compete successfully in the market over the long term.


Founder of the Group

The founder of the group is PhDr. Eduard Šebo (born in 1950), who started his business in 1990 as a self-employed farmer on family land, but only by doing business on the capital markets he was able to create an investment group that currently employs about 800 people. In addition to business, as a trained philosopher, he also devotes himself to thinking and writing about social issues, as well as his lifelong passion, which is growing grapes in the three wine-growing regions of the Slovak Republic.

„My philosophy in life is to make things work. I see entrepreneurship as a responsibility to the people who put not only their energy and time into our projects, but also the trust that they are working on something that is beyond all of us.“

PhDr. Eduard ŠeboPresident of the Company


Company Headquarters

The headquarters of our company is located in a historical building, which is also called Grossman’s House after its original owner, on Šafárik Square in the centre of Bratislava. The characteristic green building by Viennese architect Schiller was built in 1904 as a tenement house in the Neo-Gothic style with ArtNouveau elements. The architect’s inspiration from Tudor Gothic can be seen mainly in the design of the bay windows, the corner bay or the balustrade of the internal staircase, while ArtNouveau is predominant in the circular entrance hall.


Contact information

United Industries a.s.
Šafárikovo nám. 4
Bratislava, 811 02
Slovenská republika

IČO: 35 686 031
DIČ: 2020327155
IČ DPH: SK2020327155

Phone: +421 2 57 10 22 11
E-mail: unitedindustries@unitedindustries.sk

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